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A multitasking gadget - Sony Ericsson w610i

Monday, November 12, 2007

Now a day about Sony Ericsson w610i it is being said that it is a walkman phone. It comes with an integrated music player. The handset can double up as a portable music player – at the click of a few buttons. MP3, FM radio and AAC are some of the music formats.

Mobile phones, especially the latest handsets, have become an integral part of many lives. The simple communication tools of yesteryears have changed to the multitasking gadgets that we find today. Sony Ericsson W610i is one such mobile phone from Sony Ericsson.

2 megapixel cameras with flash, auto focus, zoom and video recording capabilities is built into the mobile phone model. Users can click pictures or record videos with the advanced multimedia options of the Sony Ericsson w610i. GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity ensures that users of this walkman phone from Sony Ericsson are connected with their near and dear ones in different parts of the globe.

We can say about it that it is a handset with advanced capabilities in different spheres. With a high resolution camera and powerful music player, the Sony Ericsson w610i makes for a good buy, offering it us the full value for ours money.


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