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Sky Digital TV covers a vast residential area

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sky Digital TV

Sky Digital TV covers a vast residential area in the country by offering the maximum digital television channels. Sky TV has already surpassed Freeview & Cable TV in popularity. For receiving sky Digital, a satellite-dish has to be installed outside your house & a special digital-set-top-box above your television set to receive the signals.

Another most interesting thing is that you can continue recording on a satellite channel while watching some other channel. Enjoy recording of programmes without any video-tape, as you can do this on the integrated hard-disk. You can record two channels simultaneously, & rewind/pause live television. Overall, Sky TV gives you a better experience with a powerful set-top box and a Personal-Video-Recorder.

The features of Sky TV include: a large number of digital television & radio channels, a variety of high definition content, compatibility for accessories, and their revolutionary Sky digital video-recorder.


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