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Byond Q99 – Byond Tech Introduced Q99 Mobile Phone

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Byond Tech Q99 Mobile Phone
One of the largest domestic players, Byond Tech announced the launch of an affordable handset - Q99. It is a new smart phone on the block.

Byond Q99 is loaded with power packed Dual-SIM. The phone fulfills the need of youth and executives. It comes with a handful of communication applications which are all set to get your world closer.

Byond Q99 is a communication phone with wonderful multimedia capabilities. You can play MP3, MP4 and various other file formats and also has an option to record your favorite tunes playing on the Radio Station.

Byond Tech Q99 has big belly that offers extendable storage capacity of up to 8 GB with Dual Memory Slots. It is a power packed entertainer.

Byond Q99 has a smooth QWERTY keypad. It makes your fingers never get tired of writing long texts or mails to your colleagues. You will surly like this phone for its optical track pad that makes navigation through your mobile a breeze.

Byond Q99 mobile phone has never ending list of inbuilt applications. These applications keep you connected with your friends and colleagues through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Skype and host of other features like MSN and Yahoo Messenger. You can get more for what you pay through the phone.

Byond Q99 mobile phone is priced at Rs. 3,500. Price of the phone is very affordable that could be purchased very easily by Indian customers.

Byond Q99 Key Features:


Multimedia capabilities

Extendable storage capacity of up to 8 GB

QWERTY keypad

Facebook, Twitter and Skype

Byond Tech has designed Q99 in a very new manner. The phone is very sophisticated and user friendly. Looks of the phone is amazing. Its functions are awesome. It is also a youth oriented phone who needs everything in a single phone. Price of the phone is also very affordable. It is a low-cost pack for the Indian mobile phone customers. It is very similar to Blackberry Torch.


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